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Tablet Drybag for MOLLE system Black.

Tablet Drybag for MOLLE system

The waterproof Tablet Drybag is the right transport solution for maps and tablets on the PRO tank bags: With two retention arms, the Tablet Drybag is inserted into the MOLLE system and additionally secured to the tank bag by means of a rubber band. You can adjust the Tablet Drybag's position on the MOLLE system to suit yourself. You will find detailed information on attaching the Tablet Drybag to the MOLLE system in the operating instructions. The tablet itself is waterproof in the plastic case with a large clear PVC window. With the Tablet Drybag, almost all standard-size devices can be mounted on the motorcycle for safe navigation. Alternatively, the Tablet Drybag can also be used for traditional road maps.

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