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Drybag 80 tail bag 8 l. Grey/black. Waterproof.

Drybag 80 tail bag

The small Drybag 80 is the ultimate companion for your motorcycle adventure. It can be attached to the crash bar, passenger seat or rack, where it reliably fulfills its purpose as practical storage space for a variety of uses. Alternatively, you can lash the Drybag 80 to larger models (from Drybag 350 and up) or simply use it as a shoulder bag. Available in six sizes, our Drybags enrich every motorcycle tour and are a versatile piece of luggage with simple fastenings. Thanks to their flexible PVC material, the bags can be easily rolled up and transported on the motorcycle, regardless of the load. The Drybags are completely waterproof and have high UV resistance. The new strap arrangement makes it easy to combine with other Drybag models on the passenger seat or rack. Thanks to their simple design, the new Drybags blend in very well with the waterproof SysBag WP and the WP tank bags from our PRO line.

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    • $95.00

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