Why do we provide this guarantee of durability? Because we are sure that our cases, bags, protective products and attachments can do a lot and endure a lot. Before they are ready for mass production, our products go through a whole series of test procedures: We spray bags with water for six weeks at a time and let artificial sunlight shine on them for over a month. Our testing machines shake daily for more than four weeks on a side carrier, and do so in different situations and with changing frequencies. A robot opens a lock 400 times a day for two weeks. If the fabric color is unchanged and everything in the bag is dry after all that, if weld seams live up to their name even after the test and the lock still does what it should, then we are satisfied. Almost satisfied – because we also check our products after production before they go to the warehouse. We suck the air out of our aluminum cases and measure whether new air flows into the suitcase somewhere. If so, then this case does not get sold.

Our products are known for their longevity and precise craftsmanship – some of our aluminum cases have been on the road in all parts of the world for more than ten years now and still do what they do best: keep lots of luggage safe, clean and dry during transportation. That is our understanding of sustainability. The 2-year warranty is valid for our products that are bought directly by end-customers from SW-MOTECH USA. When purchasing through one of our authorized dealers, the standard 2-year warranty also applies. Warranty claims will be honored for products under normal usage and in the event of material or manufacturing defects. This applies, for example, to loosened seams, torn handles or broken welds. You can find the complete details and exceptions in the warranty statement linked here:

Warranty statement

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